Zaio Corp., which develops and maintains a site-verified database of photos, valuations and property information, announced this week that its subsidiary Zaio Inc. will acquire the assets of Kirchmeyer & Associates and Real Info. Inc.--affiliated companies that have strong operations in the real estate field. Kirchmeyer & Associates is the largest appraisal firm in New York State and Real Info is a business-to-business real estate information and automated valuation provider.

Kirchmeyer's strength is offering products and services that reduce cycle time and costs associated with evaluating property risks and closing transactions for real estate appraisal needs. This includes relocation appraisals and construction inspections. The company has relationships with more than 7,000 U.S.-based appraisers. Real Info provides automated property valuations to home equity lenders, credit unions and real estate professionals. Its proprietary Internet delivery technology provides searchable real estate data on more than 85 million parcels across the U.S. via its Access subscription offering.

In a company statement, Zaio officials noted that these acquisitions will give the company the resources (people and products) to provide better service to customers. Since this deal is such a great fit for all companies involved, the integration of the three entities should be fairly seamless. And customers should benefit very quickly. These customers are apparently in store for even more as Zaio looks to increase its presence and portfolio further with additional partnerships and acquisitions.