Meet Equilar, a $20+ million data publisher that sells publicly available SEC data. Yup, get it free from the SEC, or buy it through Equilar. How does that work?

Well, as data publishers well know, an approach like this usually doesn't work, unless you find a way to add value. And Equilar does this, in spades. You see, Equilar deals in executive compensation benchmarking data, where making it comparable and getting the data right is the basis for an incredible business, and getting it wrong is the basis for going out of business. That’s the challenge and opportunity that exists in many public datasets today, and there is plenty of opportunity still to be mined by savvy companies such as Equilar that look for highly focused data needs and meet them well.

Top executives at publicly-traded companies need to justify their compensation to a number of different constituencies. The best way to do this is to benchmark their compensation against peer companies. But with the complexity of executive compensation plans these days, that’s easier said than done. Equilar saw the need and set out to create a flexible, normalized database of executive compensation data points for benchmarking purposes.

Equilar has done such a good job meeting this need in the marketplace that it faces a problem many of us think we’d like to have – its flagship product has essentially captured all of its core market, and now needs to look elsewhere to find continued growth.

So how does a company that has executed so brilliantly come at a challenge like this? How does it look at opportunities? What does it see as the challenges? Take the opportunity to hear the answers directly from Equilar CEO David Chun, when he provides a company case study at our upcoming Subscription Site Summit this May 8-9 in New York City. There’s limited seating, so sign up today to meet David and other CEO’s from subscription content companies and industry experts that will have you filling notebook after notebook with actionable insights you can use to clean up in your market.