About InfoCommerce Group

InfoCommerce Group (ICG), founded in 2000, is a boutique consultancy serving the global business information industry, with a particular expertise in the area of commercial data products.

We're proud of the breadth and depth of our experience in the world of business information, as reflected in the varied nature of our engagements and our diverse base of clients. Most of our engagements, however, fall into the categories of corporate and product strategy, new product development, assessment of existing products to help accelerate growth or stem declines, and acquisition due diligence.

A Source of Knowledge

Since its inception, ICG has been the thought leader in exploring, charting, analyzing – indeed, defining – the most important issues reshaping the business information industry. The reason ICG is recognized as the leading expert organization in business information publishing: our nuanced understanding of the industry’s dynamics coupled with unique access to the people who drive it. In addition to our long-standing experience and commitment to the industry, our reputation is also based on our publications, our Models of Excellence program, conferences and the tactical expertise that results from our deep strategic partnership with Subscription Insider. We draw on all of this to connect our clients to new and important players and identify industry-changing trends.

In turn, our clients provide a reality-based source of intelligence about what is and isn’t working in the marketplace. This makes ICG a clearinghouse for industry information, and we draw on this privileged base of insight in all of our consulting assignments.










“I would not proceed with any information business acquisition without commissioning a study from Infocommerce Group. Russ Perkins and his team have never failed to identify key risks and opportunities with any of the business analyses they have conducted for Access Intelligence. 

When we look back at the guidance we received from the InfoCommerce Group team on the development of our chemical portfolio over five years, it is striking how dead-on their analysis was and how useful their suggestions for managing the business were.”

Donald Pazour
President & CEO
Access Intelligence